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If We Care about Human Trafficking, We Must Care for Orphans and Foster Youth

Children growing up without families are the most vulnerable beings on our planet.  They face greatly elevated risk of virtually every evil known to man, from disease to starvation.  This is especially true in regard to human trafficking.  Without the protection of a family, a child becomes an ideal target for exploitation. As highlighted in […]

Approaching the Human Trafficking Cause with a Broader View

This week’s featured article from Comment Magazine came in an email with a provocative subject line, “Yes, Human Trafficking Is Popular.”  The article itself was provocative as well.  Trafficking is a brutal evil, and it has captured the enthusiasm of myriad young activists longing to be part of a noble cause.  As explored in a […]

Orphans and Human Trafficking: Reflections & the January Webinar

As often observed on this blog, many of the world’s great evils are intertwined with orphan issues.  One of the most gripping examples of this is the intersection between human trafficking and orphanhood.  The cold, hard reality is that a child that lacks a provider and protector is the ideal target for traffickers.   The vulnerability […]


This past weekend, my parents gave Rachel and me our first overnight away from 8-month old Lincoln.  As much as were missing the lad and his three older sisters, we can’t say it kept us from relishing the time together amidst California’s breathtaking redwood forests.  The quietude also provided a rare chance for extended reading.  […]

Human Trafficking in the Spotlight as Tom Davis Travels

I’ve noticed recently that orphan advocates are becoming increasingly aware of the interlink between orphans and human trafficking.  The simple reality is that a child that does not have the protection and provision provided by parents will be highly vulnerable to the deception, coercion and outright capture that can lead to modern forms of slavery.  […]