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What a Jewish Child Welfare Expert Sees in Christian Foster Care

The national Faith Angle Forum podcast this week features Naomi Schaefer Riley – an expert on the US foster system who also happens to be Jewish – reflecting on the remarkable rise in Christian engagement in US foster care.   I joined Riley for the fast-moving conversation, which ranged from potential tech-based solutions to foster care […]

Rule Your Technology…Or It Will Rule You

What do our personal tech habits have to do with ministry?  Little.  And far more than we often imagine. We can still run a nonprofit…serve on a board…foster or adopt – even if our use of screens is a bit out of hand. But over time, there may be nothing that will more profoundly shape […]

How to Rule Your Technology (So It Won’t Rule You)

This strays a bit from the typical focus of this blog.  But I’ve become convinced that there is no gift more rare or precious today than our full, whole-hearted attention.  And if we desire to give that gift — in mentoring or fostering, in loving our spouse or nurturing our kids — we simply must […]