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 Moving Photos from Nepal that Reveal Much

When Westerners view the wider world through their TVs and computer screens, they often see little more than images of need. It’s civil war and tsunami, poverty and famine. (The notable exceptions to this tend to be images of natural beauty.)  Perhaps that’s unavoidable. Sensationalism and struggle are always far more likely to be recounted […]

Work Ongoing in Nepal Despite Fading Media Attention

The world’s attention to tragedy is often sharp but brief. We’re already seeing oft’ repeated pattern in Nepal: a flood of media stories and global philanthropy follow catastrophe for a few weeks…drying to a trickle long before the immense needs have been resolved. Thankfully, many ministries have a longer view. Even as Nepal’s earthquake fades […]

Songs, Strategies and Celebrations as Orphan Sunday Approaches

As we roll through the week of Orphan Sunday, reports of happenings around the world are already rolling in. We heard today of a song written and recorded for Orphan Sunday by the worship team at Woodstock Bible Church in Portland.  The words and music are equally beautiful.  The song will be on iTunes soon, […]

Piercing Article on Opposition to International Adoption

For individuals that care about the complex issues surrounding international adoption, this article by Philip Holmes is a must-read. While urging that significant caution and safeguards should be part of any approach to inter-country adoptions, Holmes lays bare many of the flawed (and sometimes disingenuous) reasons given for policies that ultimately minimize inter-country adoption. Importantly, […]