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“Child Catchers” Author in NY Times Opinion…and Response

Amidst our deeply polarized era, it’s refreshing to see how often orphan care and adoption transcend traditional divides.  The new CHIFF legislation, for example, has drawn together a bi-partisan group of Senators one might never see pairing up on any other issue. Sadly, a minority of voices on the political Left seem more concerned that […]

Reuter’s Reports on Adoption “Re-Homing”

Reuter’s recently released a series of “investigative reports” on the deeply painful dilemma of adoption disruption.  The series explored the “re-homing” that sometimes takes place when an adoption fails, as desperate families seek a new placement for the child they adopted. These situations can be as difficult and complex as virtually any human dilemma.  But […]

New York Times on Christian Orphan Care Movement

The New York Times yesterday carried a significant article on the “fast growing Christian movement” of Christian adoption and orphan care.  The article under-emphasizes some of the most dynamic aspects of the movement—perhaps especially the rapidly growing engagement with foster care and the countless in-country orphan care initiatives around the globe.  Yet the author clearly […]

One Great Quote from the NY Times

Wednesday’s blog post noted the shortcomings of this week’s NY Times article on adoptions from Haiti.  That same article, however, also contained one small line of no small note for Christians who desire to see Christians again be known as a people who live out a sacrificial, Christ-honoring care for orphans.   Noting the involvement of […]