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CT: Piper on Racism

An article in this month’s Christianity Today continues in the vein of a recent blog post here on “Race and Adoption” and last month’s Alliance webinar on “Transracial Adoption.”  The article is an excerpt from Piper’s new book, Bloodlines.  It’s provocatively titled, “Piper:  I Was Racist:  How the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church went from […]

Follow Summit Live Blogging and Twitter!!

Summit VII is upon us, and an unforgettable 2+ days lie ahead! If you can’t join us in Louisville, follow the action via the Alliance Blog.  Summit VII’s six featured bloggers will be posting live throughout Summit, including: Dan Cruver Noel Piper Kristen Welch Kristin Howerton Lindsey Nobles Heidi Weimer The Twitter feed for #Summit7 […]

From Noel Piper’s Blog: Refreshment For Adoptive Mom’s

Noel Piper posted on her blog yesterday: There are lots of good reasons for lots of different kinds of people to attend Summit VII, sponsored by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, May 12-13, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s one more reason. On Wednesday, May 11, the day before the conference begins there are several pre-conference events, […]