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Orphan Sunday Explodes in Russia and Ukraine

As we’ve recently highlighted, one of the most exciting elements of Orphan Sunday 2011 is the way it is springing up in countries around the world, from Kenya to the Philippines to Guatemala.   What an amazing catalyst for a global orphan movement!  A report I just received from Cristi Slate and our good friends at […]

Losing my home once and then again

The Hillis Family has 10 children. 8 of them are adopted from Russia. Susan laughs when she says, “sometimes people ask me if  we’ve ever had any hard times.” “Watch this,” she says.  

Defying the Gods of Our Age

Perhaps nothing more blatantly defies the gods of our age than adoption and sacrificial care of orphans.  That thought filled my mind today as I heard from friends about the Davis family from Alabama that is wrestling with the Russian judicial system to bring home a Russian orphan who has Down’s Syndrome named Kirill. According […]

30,000 Orphans Sent Back to Russian Orphanages

News outlets are carrying the troubling report that one of every three children adopted by Russian families from Russian orphanages in the past three years have been returned to state institutions.  This means roughly 30,000 children were sent back to their orphanages. This news comes on the heals of the recent uproar over the tragic […]

Compelling Washington Post Op-Ed on Orphans in Russia

Following the controversy over the American woman who sent her adopted son back to Russia last month, the Washington Post ran a compelling op-ed on the plight of orphans in Russia–Adopted boy’s return highlights problems in Russian orphanages. The author, chief of pediatric cardiology at the University of Massachusetts,  Darshak Sanghavi, does an excellent job […]

Tragic Turn in Russian Adoption Brews International Controversy

The internet is abuzz—from Yahoo News to NPR to the Daily Beast—with the tragic controversy surrounding a single mother from Tennessee, who sent her adopted Russian son back to Russia, solo on a plane, claiming that he was acting out in ways she could no longer handle. The mother certainly merits the sharp criticism she’s […]