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Amazing How Much Can Be Said in 30-Seconds: Brilliant Video from Radiance Foundation

The Radiance Foundation is launching a truly brilliant series of videos this month, celebrating the value of every life and the beauty of adoption as an alternative for women facing unplanned pregnancy.  Its tagline captures the vision: “Turn the unplanned into a loving plan.” See the first 30-second video in the series, “Meet Jonny Moses” […]

Summit 2012’s Live FLT Interview with Ryan Bomberger Online Now!

Some of the most moving moments of Summit last year came during the live FamilyLife Today interviews hosted by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  The broadcast of one of these aired recently:  the unforgettable interview of Ryan Bomberger. It brought tears and laughter from just about all of us who heard it live.  How Ryan’s […]

Summit VIII Recordings Now Available!

We’re excited to announce that Summit workshops and plenary sessions are now available.  Both audio downloads and CDs are available for all sessions, and video DVD is also available for plenary sessions.  See and access all of this incredible content HERE today! We’re thankful to Convention Media Solutions for making this all available at a […]