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Beautiful Video…and Reflections on the Marvel of Orphan Sunday

Each day, more reports come in from Orphan Sunday events around the globe.  We’ll share some more of those in the days to come.  But today I can’t help posting a video made for Orphan Sunday at Kentwood Community Church in Michigan.  It’s actually three short stories of Christians who’ve opened their lives to vulnerable […]

The Best Part of Summit

As great as Summit is each year, the very best part is what happens afterwards:  the church orphan ministries that start or take big steps forward; the renewed personal passion and mission-minded friendships; the improvements organizations implement in their programs. I read one such report from a good friend who attends Rock Harbor church in […]

Oregon Considering Replicating Alliance Member’s “Safe Families” Model

We’ve shared with you before on this blog about the remarkable “Safe Families” vision of Christian Alliance for Orphans’ member Lydia Homes, led by Dr. David Anderson, in Illinois.  Dr. Anderson’s “Safe Families” model allows families on the verge of having their children taken by the state to voluntarily allow the children to be placed […]