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Exciting Reports from the Seed Adoption Conferences in Ethiopia

The “Seed Adoption” conferences taking place in Ethiopia began this past week.  As we’ve discussed before on this blog, I believe that although there is great need for a vast spectrum of creative ways of “caring for orphans in distress,” the single most strategic opportunity is to seed and support indigenous adoption movements among local […]

Seed Adoption Video

As shared in a recent post, the Alliance is thrilled to join in the Seed Adoption initiative.  A new video conveying the heart of Seed Adoption was released today, and is well worth the 3 minutes to watch… Seed Adoption – Ethiopia Project from Wiseacre Short Films on Vimeo.

Seeding Adoption in Ethiopia

Amidst this tangled world, a good outcome can come in many different forms for an orphan:  a warm bed in an orphan home funded by a global ministry; inter-country adoption; being sponsored by a far-off family by an international organization.  Ultimately, however, I believe the very best future for all orphans looks like this:  every […]