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What Keeps Us Going When Reality Grows Cold?

My friend leads an excellent micro-finance ministry in South Africa. He’s a bright soul, rarely down, but I could hear ache in his voice. “So often it feels like one step forward and two back.” We’d puffed our way up 3,000 feet to the top of South Africa’s majestic Table Mountain. Rolling hills, vineyards and […]

Southern Africa Orphan Summit: Heartache and Hope

When we enter the “fields of the fatherless” with open hearts, we so often encounter the world at it’s most broken and most beautiful simultaneously. I felt that afresh this week in South Africa at the Southern Africa Orphan Summit – led by African Christians and co-hosted by CAFO. As the Summit opened, we received […]

Headed to Africa: The 3rd Lausanne Congress in Cape Town

At 3:30 AM tomorrow, I’ll begin a 30+ hour journey that will end in Cape Town, South Africa, site of the 3rd Lausanne Congress.   I’m just one of rough 4,000 believers that will be gathering from more than 200 nations for “Cape Town 2010,” which Christianity Today recently predicted will be the most diverse gathering […]