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Un-Marketed Generosity

Almost daily I get to see an organization or individual sacrificing in ways that few others will ever see.   As we like to say at CAFO, these folks “leave their logos and egos at the door.”  They pour into a big vision that is centered on God and love for orphans….and don’t worry much whether […]

Making Ideas Touchable II—Three Great Examples

As follow up on the last blog post about making ideas touchable, here are three great examples from families across the U.S. on how they used The Orphan’s Table to do just that! 1.  “We had the most incredible Orphan’s Table experience with our own children.  They were so worried about being hungry, as we […]

Making Ideas Touchable

Throughout history, God has always made abstract ideas touchable for His people.  We saw this most vividly in the Incarnation, of course.  It is everywhere in Scripture, too.  From rainbows and a burning bush to the Passover meal and the Lord’s Supper, God goes to remarkable lengths to makes hard-to-grasp truths tangible. Why?  Because when […]