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Why Theology Matters for Orphans

Mom and Dad taught me not only to love God, but to seek Him in study and memorization of God’s Word.  I look back on this as an unparalleled blessing.  […]

T4A and Electric People

The Together for Adoption Conference last week in Austin was a rousing success, not only in numbers, but especially in the vibrant spirit of everyone present.  The simple truth is […]

Dan Cruver on Small Church Orphan Ministry

A central conviction underlying the work of the Christian Alliance for Orphans is that Christians can’t answer God’s call to care for the fatherless via formal organizations alone.  Rather, meeting […]

Together for Adoption Conference

Our good friends Dan Cruver and Jason Kovacs at Together for Adoption are building toward their national conference in Austin, TX on October 1-2.  Together for Adoption provides tremendous theological […]