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A Glimpse of the Church in Uganda Rising for Orphans

Guest post from Jodi Jackson Tucker. This summer, Wendy Cheek – a long-time Orphan Sunday Coordinator in Michigan – shared an email with us that brought joy to our hearts. With her permission, we wanted to share it with you, too: My family just returned from a 2-week trip to Uganda where we were visiting […]

Walter’s Flying Bus—Engaging Hearts & Minds for Kids with Special Needs

Good art engages us in ways words alone never could.  From film to music to painting, truths conveyed with special creativity and beauty sink deeper and last longer.  (See prior reflections on this theme). One emerging way to do this is through the medium of electronic apps and games.  Truth be told, I’m pretty wary […]

Christmas with Three New Children…

The Charlotte News Observer carried a beautiful account of the recent adoption of three Ugandan orphans by our very own Jodi Jackson Tucker and her remarkable husband Jerry.   It’s been one of the greatest joys of my work to labor together with Jodi in her role as National Coordinator for the Orphan Sunday campaigns of […]