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Development + Discipleship

Your mission is too important to struggle with fundraising! 

CAFO’s Development + Discipleship initiative can help you discover a new approach to fundraising with the power to help you raise more funds to fuel your mission, impact the lives of more children and families, disciple givers to know, love, and serve God more fully. 

Visit cafo.org/grow and sign up to receive access to free fundraising content, resources, and ongoing training to help you grow your fundraising capacity.


More than 50 locally-led and globally-informed family care networks around the world are rallying to see every child in a loving family, embraced within a collaborative community.

Connect with global leaders while learning, discussing, and participating in a virtual fireside chat through our quarterly Virtual Collaborate series. We’ll be talking about Mentoring Adolescents & Young Adults in November.

More Than

You can play a vital role in providing More Than Enough for children and families in foster care where you live. 

We can help you get there. 

Find the resources and support to provide more than enough where you live by visiting:

Explore the More Than Enough Vision Starter Guide

Communicate the vision in ways that resonate in your community and mobilize others.


The Center on Applied Research for Vulnerable Children and Families helps individuals and organizations apply the best available knowledge in faith-based programs serving vulnerable children and families globally. Re-launching in 2023, The Core Elements of Success in OVC Care: Benchmark Practices for Improving Outcomes of Children Together includes an evidence-based self-assessment tool focusing on 21 key areas that impact quality of care as well as learning resources that distill much of today’s best global OVC guidance.  It will give you a snapshot of your program’s strengths and opportunities for growth and resources to help you grow, ensuring you can do the very best for vulnerable children and families.

OVC Essentials On Demand

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Essentials surveys best practices, critical themes, and the Church’s role in service to vulnerable children and families. Now offered on demand!

OVC Essentials provides broadened and deepened knowledge of best practices and critical issues within ministry to vulnerable children and families. Wherever you are on your journey, you will be sure to find this course to be an informative, accessible, and stimulating experience in their journey towards engaging wisely and effectively with vulnerable children.

Orphan Sunday & Stand Sunday

Engage churches in your community to care for children & families

Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday are just around the corner, and we’re thrilled about this new season and all it has to offer. We’ve compiled resources for steps towards becoming Better Together for vulnerable children and families where you live, inspiration for year-round collaboration, ideas, and a sample rollout plan to help equip you for the year ahead (and beyond!).

Bring Orphan Sunday + Stand Sunday to Your Community.

About CAFO

CAFO unites a movement of organizations, churches and individuals worldwide. Together, we labor in shared initiatives that inspire and equip Christians for effective orphan care, family preservation, adoption and foster care. We work to see the local church in every nation known as the primary answer for the needs of vulnerable children in their midst.

Movement Voices


It is spreading here, powerfully. African churches and African families are saying, “We will welcome these children God loves so much!"

George Ndhawa, Kenya

I’m seeing local churches waking to orphan care and adoption in ways we never did in the past.

Malen Papadopoulos, Philippines

We’re serious about this, we’re not going to back down until every orphan is cared for.

Francis Chan