Caring for the Children of Ukraine

Trusted CAFO Members Serving Children
in Ukraine and Nearby

In any crisis, children are among the most vulnerable.  That’s especially true for children who lack the protection of family.  Today, many CAFO member organizations with deep roots in Ukraine are at work there and surrounding countries.  They’re meeting emergency needs and contributing to mid- and long-range solutions for dispossessed children and families.  Join them in prayer … and by clicking on the links below to learn how you can help financially as well.

Windows Into the Invasion of Ukraine...And Specifics on How to Pray

The world watches tragedy unfold in Ukraine.  The war will damage everything it touches, from local electric grids to the global economy.  Whatever else will occur, we can know this:   As in any crisis, vulnerable children will be among the most impacted.  The updates below provide glimpses of the current wave of the Russian invasion, shared real-time by CAFO member organizations that have long served children in Ukraine.  

As you read, please do not only gaze on trouble from far off.  Join with our dear brothers and sisters in Ukraine by praying for each situation and person involved…