The Teaching-Family Model: An Introduction and Overview of Applications

This workshop will introduce the Teaching-Family Model, its origin and history, as well as current uses – throughout many different settings and levels of care. The basic components of the Model will be explained including goals, systems, and elements. Within the presentation, the key concepts used to implement the Model will be discussed and some significant questions about accreditation answered such as:

How does the Model address trauma?
How does the Model ensure a positive approach to treatment?
Who is using this Model and where?
How is accreditation by TFA different from other accrediting bodies?
How is TFA accreditation complimentary to other accrediting bodies?
What makes TFA accreditation unique?

While the length of the workshop limits the amount of detail, the goal is to provide an understanding of the framework and benefits of the Teaching-Family Model, along with available resources that can provide additional information.

(Craig Gammon, Methodist Children’s Home)