Strengthening the Family Dynamic when Living with Disability

Families raising an individual with a disability are frequently overlooked by the global Church. Churches frequently lack the resources, safe spaces, and training to welcome and support families. Many report feeling alone in their journey and discouraged by the lack of resources offered by their church. Roughly, only 10% of churches offer disability ministries; a number that is drastically too low. Shine On, a ministry of the Tim Tebow Foundation, equips the global Church and families living with disability with innovative resources, training, and programs to eliminate barriers and cultivate life-giving community. The Strengthening the Family Dynamic when Living with a Disability session will provide strategies on how to connect, support, and empower the parents, siblings, and individuals with a physical, developmental, or intellectual disability within your church.

Alfredo Salazar will present various approaches to promoting strong families living with a disability. He will first review common religious coping techniques used by families living with a disability and how the church can empathically listen and support families. Next, he will review how the church can connect couples, families, and individuals to licensed therapists in your area. Finally, he will discuss how to empower families within the church, create a community of inclusion, and develop crucial resources within your church to meet each family’s needs.

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(Alfredo Salazar, Down Guatemala)