Attachment Training For Non-Literate Caregivers of Reintegrated Children

Examining the impact and outcome of the Attachment Theory (AT) Workshop pilots across countries. The AT Workshop was designed specifically for non-literate caregivers of children being reintegrated home, in order to equip parents with the understanding and skill needed to form healthy attachments with their children who have suffered various trauma. Two versions are now in play in Sierra Leone; one for caregivers, and one to train social workers to deploy the training with their own caregivers around the country. Versions are underway in Haiti and Uganda, while Tanzania has now moved onto the waitlist, with second sites in Haiti and Uganda right behind. Data collection seeks to measure its impact through pre/post survey data and Most Significant Change methodology will be shared as evidence of the efficacy of the workshop and its iterative, collaborative approach.

(Laura Horvath, Helping Children Worldwide and Julie Dellamattera, University of Maine)