Church Ministry Idea Exchange

We’re far better together than we are alone. We simply cannot effectively lead our ministries with the effectiveness and impact required without leaning into and borrowing from the ideas and experiences of others. The broader CAFO community of church leaders represents a vast well of knowledge and wisdom from real-life leaders, doing real-life work, in real-life churches, with real-life people. It’s a deep well that we can all both draw from for ourselves – as well as give into for the sake of others. That’s the goal of this unique workshop – to create an interactive environment in which you can both have questions about church and ministry leadership answered, as well as have the opportunity to help guide others who need to tap into your experiences. This is not your typical workshop with a speaker or panel up front. Instead, it’s a roundtable environment where you’ll be able to sit with others, share ideas, and then move around the room to have specific questions answered and ideas stirred. Come with your questions. Come ready to meet some other CAFO church community leaders. Come ready to walk away with practical next steps you can take back home to your church or ministry.

(Jason Johnson, CAFO)