Faith & Stewardship: Impact Lessons Behind “Children of Shanghai”

To succeed, any great undertaking must unite an immense array of people and talents. In this workshop following the documentary “Children of Shanghai,” we’ll hear from remarkable individuals whose diverse gifts have each contributed to this work – together helping to transform the lives of more than a million orphans in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Tech executive and investor Ilaria Chan will facilitate this “fireside chat” with several high-profile figures: Matt Redman (musician), Chris Maclellan (philanthropist, impact investor), Amy Celico (trade diplomat, business executive), and Larry Ross (public relations CEO). The panelists will share their hearts for mission, how their faith shapes the way they give and serve, how they select trustworthy charities to support, and their unique life stories from diverse sectors around the world. Don’t miss it!

(Facilitated by: Ilaria Chan, Tech Executive & Investor Joined by: Matt Redman, Musician; Chris Maclellan, Philanthropist & Impact Investor; Amy Celico, Trade Diplomat & Business Executive; and Larry Ross, Public Relations CEO)