Fostering Hospitable Hearts: Redefining Accessibility and Creating the Space to Learn From Those Who Are Differently-abled

As His image bearers, our understanding of what it means to be fully human flourishes when our lives reflect the very nature of a Triune God who has forever existed in a perpetual outflowing of love, connection, and community. Furthermore, the degree to which we can rightly view our own “belonging” within the context of community impacts our ability to offer transparency in our own relationships. As individuals and societies, we find many ways to mask it, but at the core, we each carry a deep vulnerability. This foundational truth can offer a divine invitation to enter more fully into the vulnerability of those with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Join us for a dynamic conversation as we challenge the mindset that instead of simply being recipients of aid, these individuals may be among our greatest of teachers.

(Emily Richards, Palmer Williams, & Kevan Chandler, Show Hope)