Sudden Change for Non-Profits: Friend or Foe?

When faced with changes beyond our control – whether natural disasters, sudden public policy changes, or a global pandemic – how do we make quick shifts within our organizations that benefit the children we work with? Ten organizations from different parts of the world have been journeying together this past year as they were forced to rapidly reintegrate children into families due to COVID-19 mandates from their government. Come hear what they and their coach have learned about family reintegration, supporting families during emergencies, and how to make significant changes within their organizations quickly.

(Facilitated by: Ian Anand Forber-Pratt, Children’s Emergency Relief International – CERI and Trisha Weber, CAFO Joined by: Alejandra Castro, Back2Back; Taylor Cochran, Bless the Children; and John Dongerdive, Life Light Ministries)