Sustainable Social Enterprises: Hands-On How to Get Started (or Accelerate!)

Integrating a business enterprise into your service model can significantly expand impact – from family strengthening and aging out programs, to organization sustainability. This session will be highly interactive, allowing in-depth collaboration between actual practitioners and attendees as you work on your own plan for a new and/or accelerated sustainable social enterprise that is well-integrated with your current ministry. You will learn some keys to success, as well as lessons learned from mistakes, and then you will develop your ideas in a roundtable format where you will receive feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners — ultimately walking out with an action plan and clear next steps!

(Vivienne Bechtold, CAFO; Andy Lehman, Lifesong for Orphans; Jeff Greer, SSE; Erica Hall, Akola; Joe Knittig, GOEX; Lisa Castetter, Teen Leadership Challenge)