The Beauty of Relational Transformation

What, if anything, does beauty have to do with orphan care? So much of life is automatically framed in terms of answering the question, “What is the problem and how do we solve it?” Wired through our experiences, our brains tend to pay attention to the world in this way. This is not unhelpful insofar as it provides one way of interpreting the world as it is, especially when it comes to caring for the orphan. But there is an additional way that the brain longs to attune to the minds of our children that asks instead the question, “What is the next new beautiful thing that you want to create?” This query directs our minds with curiosity to beauty, opening our imaginations toward that which we most deeply long for ourselves and our children. In this workshop, we will explore how, as Dostoevsky wrote, beauty will save the world—transforming our relationships along the way.

(Curt Thompson, Being Known and author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame)