What We Should Know About Loving and Serving Birthmoms Well

Adoption talk tends to focus on pre-placement considerations – matching birthmothers with adoptive families and helping adoptive couples to navigate the requirements, paperwork, and funding involved. But once the baby is placed with the adoptive couple, what happens to that birthmom? How does she deal with her emotions? What services does she need? What services are available? What can the adoption agency, or her church, or others do to help? Our panel of birthmothers will share their experiences, and their hearts, as we get a picture of their experience – what support they were offered and what they really needed. We’ll hear from them about how we, as a community, can understand and be more helpful in this delicate transition.  Our recent survey of ~120 birthmoms uncovered the status of birthmom support today and provides a look into what they say their needs are. Our panel of birthmoms will discuss these findings and share their own experiences. Adoption professionals will glean some great ideas and insights in the area of birthparent support, post-adoption, including: (1) Get a first-hand glimpse into the mind, heart, and emotions of a woman after she places her baby with an adoptive family, (2) An updated approach to offering a variety of support options and methods, including how to take advantage of technology as seen in other industries such as healthcare, and (3) An understanding that the needs are different for every woman.

(Theresa Marcroft, Unplanned)