Improving Outcomes for Children in Care

Benchmarks for Healthy Child Sponsorship Programs (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

While there is little research on the impact of sponsorship programs, they remain a popular tool for fundraising and donor connection. Join other CAFO members as together we discuss core guidelines for healthy sponsorship programs – and how we can truly consider the best interests of the children, families, and communities we serve.

(Laura Kost, Open Arms International; Rebeka Corgan, One More Child; & Marqui Krone, Lifesong for Orphans)

Case Management (Coaching Table)

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Deinstitionalization: Mitigating Pitfalls & Maximizing Potential (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Deinstitutionalization is a hot topic around the world as countries move to connect the orphaned and vulnerable in family environments, rather than large group care. More than a workshop, this is an honest discussion and a call for unity as ministries work together to provide appropriate care for all orphaned and vulnerable children as deinstitutionalization becomes a reality in more countries around the world. It is an opportunity to gain understanding of what is happening, what is going well, and governments, agencies, and nonprofits have fallen short so far—so that everyone is better equipped to offer lasting care.

(Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach) 

Effective Care Planning in Children’s Homes and Foster Care (Global) (Coaching Table)

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Harnessing the CAFO Core Elements to Improve Programs and Impress Donors (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Caring for vulnerable children can often seem overwhelming, with daily emergencies often overtaking the long view of how to improve our programs. Knowing we all want to do the very best for children, CAFO created the confidential, evidence-based Core Elements review to give you a quick snapshot into your program’s strengths and areas for growth. In addition to helping us improve our programs, the Core Elements can provide a tool to communicate with donors and other key stakeholders. Learn from CAFO’s Director of Communications as he shows you how to use your scores to improve your fundraising practices.

(Mandy Howard, Samford University; Nicole Wilke & Karl Dinkler, CAFO)

Short-Term Missions: Keeping Partners Engaged

Short term missions can accomplish many purposes both for the goer and sender. One of those primary reasons can be to reach new partners and keep current partners engaged. This is a valuable and admirable goal; however, we also know that children are never a means to an end. So, how do we identify solutions for keeping partners engaged through STMs that eliminate risks to vulnerable children and families? Learn from three organizations who have walked this road and found successful solutions.

(Kate Borders, World Orphans; Laura Horvath, Helping Children Worldwide; Stacie Ellinger, Children In Families)

Taking Relationships to the Next Level 201: Collaborating with Churches, Governments, and Business

When thinking about moving toward family based solutions for children, it’s imperative to explore how engaging key local actors can multiply the impact. In this session, we’ll investigate how best to work from the ground up developing nationalized systems of care for children separated from their families, and how to support and encourage the process. We’ll offer stories and examples from our experiences working in different countries.

(Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach & Phil Aspegren, Casa Viva)

Vocational Training for Youth in Care (Coaching Table)

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Working With Children Living on the Street (Coaching Table)

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