Leadership Forums & Roundtables – CAFO Organization Members Only

Better Together: Refreshment, Renewal, and Refocusing on What’s to Come for International NGOs (Pre-Summit Intensive – CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Open only to CAFO Member Organizations’ leaders, staff, and volunteers working internationally. Join other CAFO leaders and staff serving around the world for this global mastermind session! Build relationships and connect with others who’ve experienced similar challenges during the uncertainty of the last 18 months. (Pre-registration required)

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 9:00am – 1:00pm


Creating an Effective PR and Communication Strategy (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

This workshop is designed to help your organization understand and explore how to fine-tune your messages and then share them with the world in a way that’s unique and impactful. Together, we’ll dive into how to develop a communication strategy that includes crisis prevention, social media, proactive public relations, and marketing.

(Herbie Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Deinstitionalization: Mitigating Pitfalls & Maximizing Potential (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Deinstitutionalization is a hot topic around the world as countries move to connect the orphaned and vulnerable in family environments rather than large group care. More than a workshop, this is an honest discussion – and a call for unity, as ministries work together to provide appropriate care for all orphaned and vulnerable children as deinstitutionalization becomes a reality in more countries around the world. It is an opportunity to gain an understanding of what is happening, what is going well, and where governments, agencies, and nonprofits have fallen short so far – so that everyone is better equipped to offer lasting care.

(Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach)

Fulton, Faith, and Foster Care (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Join us as we discuss the current state of legal challenges nationwide, with a focus on the Supreme Court’s decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, and what this could mean for faith-based foster care and adoption agencies who partner with the government or are regulated and licensed by the government.

(Nick Reaves, Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and Herbie Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Health and Care for Adopted Children and Families (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Dr. Mary Allen Staat and Tisha Way Gaynor LISW-S of the International Adoption Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will share updates on the health and care of children adopted internationally in the last several years. We will also discuss supporting the long-term mental health needs of internationally adopted children and their families.

(Mary Allen Staat and Tisha Way Gaynor, International Adoption Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)

Healthy Child Sponsorship Programs (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Many organizations use sponsorship to build connections between donors and the children and families in their programs. But how do we know if sponsorship is truly making a positive impact? Join other small and large organizations that run sponsorship programs, as together we explore the benchmarks of a healthy and thriving program.

(Laura Nzirimu, CAFO; Rebeka Corgan, One More Child; and Marqui Krone, Lifesong)

Intercountry Adoption: Diplomacy Behind the Scenes (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Join CAFO adoption leaders and US State Department representatives for a free-flowing conversation on current topics including the search for a new accrediting entity, COVID impact, key country updates, and more. Bring your questions!

Leading Millennials in Orphan Care Ministry (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

With the youngest Millennials reaching adulthood, the world’s largest generation represents the primary adult cohort able to address and end the world’s orphan crisis. In this interactive session, Herbie Newell and Dr. Rick Morton will lead a conversation around insights gained from leading Millennial families and a Millennial workforce to reach and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Whether you are new to orphan care ministry or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from this discussion in successful strategies to recruit, train, mobilize, and retain young adults in ministering to orphaned and vulnerable children. Open to CAFO Member Organizations Only.

(Herbie Newell and Rick Morton, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Supporting Local Families to Care for Children with Special Needs in the Majority World (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Caring for children with special needs can be daunting anywhere, and all the more so in many countries with highly-limited resources and public supports. How can CAFO member organizations best encourage and enable families globally to care for their children with special needs? What is working now and what new strategies are needed? CAFO member organizations are invited to join together in this interactive discussion of the big challenges and promising solutions.

(Faciliated by Jared Scheppmann, Ekisa)

Taking Relationships to the Next Level 201: Collaborating with Churches, Governments, and Businesses (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

When thinking about moving toward family-based solutions for children, explore how engaging key local actors can multiply the impact. In this session, we’ll discuss how best to work from the ground up developing nationalized systems of care for children separated from their families, and how to support and encourage the process from the sidelines. We’ll exchange stories and examples from our experiences working in different countries.

(Phil Aspegren, Casa Viva & Mike Douris, Orphan Outreach)