Maximizing the Impact of Your Ministry

A Simple System for Inviting Givers Deeper into Your Cause (Coaching Table)

Leave this coaching table with a simple system to help you intentionally strengthen the relationship between givers and the cause you serve.

No sign-ups are required for the coaching tables. Limited seating will be first-come, first-served. Stay the hour or drop in throughout for questions, guidance, and discussion!

(Michael Mitchell, CAFO)

Clarify Your Message in Four Simple Steps (Coaching Table)

Can you clearly answer the question, “Why should I give to your nonprofit?” in 30 seconds or less? Leave this coaching table with a simple framework to help you quickly describe the work you do in an emotionally compelling way that tells givers why they should consider investing in your work.

No sign-ups are required for the coaching tables. Limited seating will be first-come, first-served. Stay the hour or drop in throughout for questions, guidance, and discussion!

(Michael Mitchell, CAFO)

Clarify your Message with StoryBrand

Breaking through the clutter in the nonprofit and ministry space can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. In this workshop, we will teach you a repeatable framework to clarify your message and simplify your marketing using the proven StoryBrand method. You will see real-world examples of how nonprofits are using this framework to revolutionize their marketing.

(Shannon Litton & Jordan White, 5by5)

Compassion Fatigue: How to Incorporate Fun into Your Workplace Culture

Child welfare workers are at risk for compassion fatigue. This training will explore how we can incorporate fun into our office culture, amid the stress of the work. In this workshop, we will share our own journey through compassion fatigue and how play and fun have retained our staff and lifted spirits. Come and be entertained – as well as to experience how fun can bring balance to the work! Think “Jimmy Fallon” but on a non-profit budget.

(Katie Bass, Olive Crest)



Creating an Effective PR and Communication Strategy (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

This workshop is designed to help your organization understand and explore how to fine-tune your messages and then share them with the world in a way that’s unique and impactful. Together, we’ll dive into how to develop a communication strategy that includes crisis prevention, social media, proactive public relations, and marketing.

(Herbie Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Delight Your Partners Today, Tomorrow, and Always

The world changed in 2020. Has your fundraising kept up? What looks different? What’s stayed the same? How do you know when to push forward with existing plans, adapt, or change course entirely? Join us for this discussion in timeless ways to delight your partners and keep your organization on the upswing today, tomorrow, and always. This session is especially relevant for nonprofit staff, including organizational leaders and development staff, looking to grow in the nimble practice of the timeless principles of fundraising.

(Keith Howard, Circle of Care & JT Olson, Both Hands)

Discipleship and Leadership Development: Let’s Walk Together

Come learn how to care for the spiritual health of staff while caring for others – all while developing a healthy Christ-centered culture. We’ll discuss how the balance between being a disciple, and discipling others, can be overwhelming. In this workshop, we will explore common challenges and practical approaches, and you will acquire tools to empower you and yours for spiritual life.

(Juan Porto, Back2Back Ministries)

Effectively Engaging Churches: Four Principles to Help Your Organization’s Church Engagement Strategy Thrive

The impact of your ministry is largely dependent upon your capacity to form strategic partnerships with churches. You believe the Church is the answer to the problem your organization is trying to solve, but you’re struggling to get the ear of a busy pastor, navigate through the complicated structures of various church ministry departments, or are just having a hard time helping churches see how they can truly make an impact through the work you are doing. We get it. Of course, there are more than four ways to approach churches – and certainly more than four principles to consider. But based on our work with organizations all around the country, we believe if you at least start with these four you’ll see a shift – not only in how churches are responding to your organization but perhaps more importantly, how your organization is approaching them in the first place. As a result, doors will open, conversations will happen, partnerships will form, trust will build, and impact will be multiplied over time.

(Jason Johnson, CAFO and Tiffany Loeffler, The Alliance: Defending the Cause of Kids & Families)

Fundraising Coaching for Small to Mid-Size Nonprofits (Coaching Table)

Have a fundraising question but don’t know who to ask? CAFO’s Director of Development & Discipleship is ready to help at this fundraising coaching table specifically designed to support small to mid-size nonprofits.

No sign-ups are required for the coaching tables. Limited seating will be first-come, first-served. Stay the hour or drop in throughout for questions, guidance, and discussion!

(Michael Mitchell, CAFO)

Fundraising for a New Era & Past Era Best Practices We Can’t Quit

The onset of COVID-19 turned many of our trusted fundraising best practices upside down – with large-scale events and face-to-face appointments feeling like a thing of the past for non-profits around the world. This call for innovation allowed us to virtually diminish geographic barriers and open doors for new fundraising streams. As much as things have changed, some things also stayed the same! Many tried and true campaign best practices are still a part of this new frontier of fundraising. Gain practical guidance you can start applying to your organization’s fundraising and communications efforts for 2021 and well beyond! This session is especially relevant for nonprofit fundraising, communications, and marketing staff.

(Katy Martin, One More Child)

Going Upstream: Building Collaborative Efforts that Solve Problems Before They Happen

Join us if you are a church or nonprofit leader interested in moving your ministry initiative from reactive activity to sustained system-wide impact in your work of caring for vulnerable children and families. The discussion will focus on applying concepts, addressing barriers, and sharing ideas presented in the book Upstream by Dan Heath.

(Amber Knowles, Fostering Family)

How to Effectively Partner with Businesses to Help Children in Your Community (Coaching Table)

Even as the Church has been called to lead, businesses and other organizations have an important role to play in caring for kids and families in crisis as well. Come receive practical and personalized guidance for successfully engaging businesses in your community.

No sign-ups are required for the coaching tables. Limited seating will be first-come, first-served. Stay the hour or drop in throughout for questions, guidance, and discussion!

(Kyle Johnson, CarePortal)

How to Lead a Unified, International, Multi-Site Ministry

Do you lead, or are you a part of the leadership, of an organization serving in multiple international locations? Do you struggle with creating one ministry culture while trying to edify each unique country culture? Do you have a ministry heart, but understand a global organization must have some systematic operational procedures to operate with high integrity and impact? If so, you’re not alone! This workshop will discuss practical tools and strategies to define and communicate organizational culture, effectively cascade information across locations, and unify a global team.

(Todd Guckenberger, Juan Porto, & Daniel Asama, Back2Back)

How to Unleash Your Board’s Potential

Every ministry has a governance board, but not all are effective. Your board may have talented people with experience and expertise – but your board may not be living up to its potential. In this session, we will help you learn how to unleash your board’s potential by focusing on best practices for board governance.

(Staci Brown, ECFA)

Leadership Success – Maximize Mission Impact without Experiencing Burnout

Disciplined thoughts and actions around an organization’s purpose and values are absolutely essential for building highly motivated and effective teams. Successful organizations create a culture of clarity and alignment around their mission and vision and achieve desired outcomes while energizing and uniting people. During this session, participants will be equipped with proven leadership principles that will help leverage passions and proficiencies into enhanced mission impact for serving orphaned and vulnerable children.

(David Rudko, Better Way Coaching)

Leading Millennials in Orphan Care Ministry (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

With the youngest Millennials reaching adulthood, the world’s largest generation represents the primary adult cohort able to address and end the world’s orphan crisis. In this interactive session, Herbie Newell and Dr. Rick Morton will lead a conversation around insights gained from leading Millennial families and a Millennial workforce to reach and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Whether you are new to orphan care ministry or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from this discussion in successful strategies to recruit, train, mobilize, and retain young adults in ministering to orphaned and vulnerable children. Open to CAFO Member Organizations Only.

(Herbie Newell and Rick Morton, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Plucky and Buoyant: Habits and Ideas to Thrive in Fundraising (Pre-Summit Intensive)

Are you ready to become a plucky buoyant fundraising all-star? Of course you are! Join us for an interactive learning experience on the most important: ideas to consider, relationships to develop, ingredients to get right, and habits to practice to thrive in fundraising. (Pre-registration required)

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 8:30am – 2:30pm


Soul Care for Your Team (Coaching Table)

If you have been convicted to dive deeper into soul care for your team but don’t know where to start, have been trying to grow in this area of ministry, or just want to discuss an idea for your team…this is for you! Come along with questions and we will share our experiences together.

No sign-ups are required for the coaching tables. Limited seating will be first-come, first-served. Stay the hour or drop in throughout for questions, guidance, and discussion!


The Secret Sauce of Recruitment – Moving Stories, Tender Hearts, & Community Collaboration

There’s a foster crisis in America and most Christians don’t know how to help – or worse, don’t even know about it. How can ministries strengthen and communicate their recruitment efforts effectively and with excellence? Learn how to practically apply these proven tools to your efforts: moving stories, tender hearts, and community collaboration. Experience a live stage presentation of the “No More Orphans Experience” as an example of putting these tools to action.

(Jaime & Tami Kent, The No More Foundation)