Maximizing the Impact of Your Ministry

Bringing Together the Pro-Life and Orphan Care Communities

This workshop is an exploration of how orphan care ministries can integrate with and draw strength from the larger pro-life community. Participants will gain insight into the messaging and strategy for engaging the wider pro-life community to address the needs of orphans in our own communities and around the world. This workshop is intended to benefit orphan care ministries at all stages from beginner to well established.

(Herbie Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Building Passion: Communicate Who You Are in Three Minutes or Less!

Many opportunities will come your way to tell an audience of one, or many, about your ministry. It may be a church or civic group. Their time is valuable and so is yours. If you were invited to tell ALL about your ministry in three minutes – could you? No public speaking experience required.

(Jeff Juhala, Royal Family KIDS)

Building Teams With Thriving Souls

Nothing will more determine the fruitfulness of an organization than the health of the people within it. Certainly, mapping an incisive strategic plan is important. But that external plan will rise or fall based on the vitality of the people executing it. So, a true leader must be as intentional about cultivating the health of his/her team as they are about their external work. In this workshop, we’ll each begin creating our own plan to do just that – drawing from CAFO’s “Strategic Plan for Thriving Souls” – including simple ideas and small choices for cultivating the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and relational health of your team.

(Jedd Medefind, CAFO)

CEO Forum: 2020 Issues, Strategies, & Solutions (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Join this time of private conversation and connection with CAFO President Jedd Medefind and fellow CAFO Member CEOs. Together, we’ll explore key national and global trends, as well as critical issues we’re each facing – and solutions we see to make a difference. (CAFO Member Organizations Leaders Only — RSVP Requested)

(Jedd Medefind, CAFO)

Clarify Your Message with StoryBrand

Breaking through the clutter in the nonprofit and ministry space can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. In this workshop, we will teach you a repeatable framework to clarify your message and simplify your marketing using the proven StoryBrand method. You will see real world examples of how nonprofits are using this framework to revolutionize their marketing.

(Jordan White, 5by5 Agency)

Data as a Tool for Transforming Foster Care Where You Live

Some people think of data merely as numbers. However, data is used everyday to tell stories that mobilize others to step into the lives of hurting people. The data from the communities where you live has the potential to motivate and mobilize church, organizational, and business leaders in your community to transform the foster care experience for thousands of kids and families. Learn how from a team of leaders from organizations that have been doing it for years.

(Bob Bruder-Mattson, FaithBridge Foster Care; Adrien Lewis, GO Project; Michelle Douglas, The CALL)

Delighting Your Partners

Life and nonprofit work often hustles along so quickly that we forget to say, “thank you” to those who make great work possible. Learn tangible ways you can, and reasons you should, cultivate and delight your partners – to include donors, staff, contractors, and more – through this panel discussion with those who do it best.

(Jerry Haag, Erica Hall, & Melissa Poole, One More Child)

Developing Effective Leaders

Using interactive and experiential learning, participants will learn proven principles of leadership and organizational development that can immediately be implemented in order to enhance mission impact in serving orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities.

(David Rudko, Providence World & Jerry Burch, Texas A&M-Commerce)

Fundraising as Discipleship

Fundraising is often viewed as a “necessary evil” we must engage to fuel our “real ministry” elsewhere. That’s not how God sees it. Rather, development work is a tremendous opportunity to help givers to know, love, and serve God more fully. When we engage it that way, what had been a burden becomes a joy…and our giving invitations become more fruitful as well. Join CAFO’s Director of Development and Discipleship, Michael Mitchell, to explore how to apply this vision for fundraising as an expression of discipleship.

(Michael Mitchell, CAFO and Mission Increase)

How to Lead a Unified, International, Multi-Site Ministry

Do you lead or are you a part of the leadership of an organization serving in multiple international locations? Do you struggle with creating one ministry culture while trying to edify each unique country culture? Do you have a ministry heart, but understand a global organization must have some systematic operational procedures to operate with high integrity and impact? If so, you’re not alone! This workshop will discuss practical tools and strategies to define and communicate organizational culture, effectively cascade information across locations, and unify a global team.

(Todd Guckenberger, Back2Back Ministries)

Impact + Interns: How to Start and Manage an Internship Program (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Join in a conversation about how to maximize the impact of your organization while simultaneously investing in the next generation of leaders. We’ll talk together about four main areas concerning internships: Why start an internship program, recruiting and interviewing candidates, onboard training and expectations, and managing and investing. We’ll offer you tangible next steps for each area and time for Q&A.

(Leah St. Pierre & Ashley Reyes, CAFO)

Leading Millennials in Orphan Care Ministry (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

With the youngest millennials reaching adulthood, the world’s largest generation represents the primary adult cohort able to address and end the world’s orphan crisis. In this workshop, Herbie Newell and Rick Morton will share insights gained from leading millennial families and a millennial workforce to reach and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Whether you are new to orphan care ministry, or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from this workshop in developing a strategy to recruit, train, mobilize, and retain young adults in ministering to orphaned and vulnerable children.

(Herbie Newell & Rick Morton, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Marketing in a Box

PR & marketing helps organizations grow in unimaginable ways. Come receive your own “Marketing in a Box” and discover each item in it as we discuss communications plans, branding guidelines, social media, staffing, influencers, measurement tactics, and other tools your organization should have in place to expand its reach.

(Katy Martin, One More Child)

Models of Transition to Family Care in Africa

Join a collective group of world class organizations leading family reunification efforts in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Uganda. Glean from 20 years of lessons learned and walk away with actionable, practical steps toward deinstitutionalizing children and repurposing facilities/staff. Build connection with pioneering organizations who have gone before you, and walk away with a clear, actionable “next step” in returning and supporting kids in families.



More Than Dinner: Fundraising Events That Inspire

In a world full of special events and fundraising dinners, how do you make your event stand out from the crowd? This session will offer practical tips and tools for creating an event that builds community, inspires new champions to join your cause, rallies increased support from existing champions, and deepens your relationship with everyone who attends. Whether you’re trying to decide if a new event might be the next right step for your ministry, or if you’re simply looking for an idea or two to make your amazing event even better, this session has something for you.

(Michael Mitchell, CAFO and Mission Increase)

Social Media Strategy

Everyone can agree that social media is where the action gets communicated. But do you know how to take your organization’s social media to the next level? This workshop dives into social media strategy, how to do a well-check on your current nonprofit accounts, and what tactical approaches can best prepare your organization for the future.

(Christie Gibson, Buckner International)

Transformational Giving: Successful Fundraising as a Joyful Calling

Do you experience fundraising as a joyful calling, or does it feel more like a necessary evil? What if there was a way to raise funds that not only grew your ministry, but also equipped you to help givers to know, love, and serve God more fully? What if you could experience fundraising as a joyful calling as you connect more givers to your cause, grow your ministry, and ultimately transform more lives for Christ? You can!

I’m excited to let you know that starting in May, CAFO will now be providing ongoing teaching, coaching, and consulting on a Biblical approach to fundraising, all at no additional cost to our members through a new partnership with Mission Increase. This program will be led by Michael Mitchell, who will serve as CAFO’s Director of Development & Discipleship.

We’ll be kicking off this new initiative at the CAFO Summit in Dallas in May, with a special workshop where you’ll discover practical tools to help you:

  • Build a vision-driven case for support.
  • Design entry points for givers to join your cause.
  • Leverage your communications to mobilize your supporters.
  • Network with leaders and learn about the work God is doing through them.

You’ll also get a sneak peek at future training opportunities where you’ll learn to apply a Biblical approach to major gifts, acquisition, direct mail, and fundraising planning. This workshop — along with all future quarterly workshops, coaching, and consulting — will be offered at no additional cost to you as a CAFO member. (Lunch Included)

Please register here.

(Michael Mitchell, CAFO and Mission Increase)

Virtual Teamwork: How to Create a Thriving Remote Working Environment Everyone Wants to Join (Coaching Table)

In this age of amazing technology, more and more organizations are bringing on remote staff.  Is it possible to have collaboration and effective teamwork if your team isn’t in the same building?  Is it possible to have staff engaged and meeting ambitious goals and deadlines?  The answer to all these questions is, “YES”!  Come discover and share ways your remote team is thriving!

Coach: Ashley Otani Reyes, CAFO