Meet-Ups & Connections

Adoptee and Foster Alum (Meet-Up)

This private gathering is open to any adult adoptee or foster alum. Join for fellowship and conversation, to listen and share, to be with each other, and grow as friends. We can’t wait to meet you!

(Tony Mitchell, tmLeadership, LLC)

América Latina, Juntos logramos Más/Latin America, Together We Can Achieve More (Meet-Up)

Impactemos juntos la vida de más niños, niñas y adolescentes en América Latina. Explora cómo podemos unirnos y ser una comunidad activa trabajando juntos en América Latina.

Let’s impact together the lives of more boys, girls, and adolescents in Latin America. Explore how we can unite and be an active community working together in Latin America.

(Hazel Cedeño & Philip Aspegren, Casa Viva)


Foster and Adoptive Mothers WITH Gathering (Meet-Up)

Enjoy fellowship with other foster and adoptive mothers who get it! Exclusive adoptive-mom-authors book signing and giveaways! New and old friends, chocolate, and understanding! Come spend time with your sisters on the journey.

(Jodi Jackson Tucker, CAFO)

Fundraising Fam Fist Bump Jam (Meet-Up)

Sponsored by iDonate

Calling all nonprofit fundraising pros, organizational leaders, and anyone else who raises funds. This is your chance to meet your people at CAFO2021! Join Michael Mitchell from CAFO and Michael Baker from iDonate for this come-and-go reception to connect, exchange fist bumps, and eat fun food with other fun people who wear professional hats that look like yours. We will casually do cool things in this hour that you’ll woefully regret missing for the rest of your life should you decide to be somewhere else. But wait! There’s more. Twelve lucky attendees will walk away with a door prize, the likes of which have only been dreamed of…or possibly a king-sized candy bar.