Family Strengthening & Reintegration

10 Principles for Effective Family Strengthening (Virtual Only)

We know that children belong in families, but the reality of our broken world is that millions of children live apart from family care. Frequently, families are not able to care for their children unaided, but would be able to do so with support. This can both prevent children from being separated from their families, and ensure child and family wellbeing during family reintegration. “Family strengthening” has become a popular term in the field, but exactly what does it me? Learn principles and practices that you can apply to support children in families right where you are.

CEUs Available: 1  (Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children & Kimberly Quinley, Step Ahead)

Children of Shanghai: A Documentary Narrated by Bear Grylls (World Premiere Screening)

Join Matt Redman and the Children of Shanghai film crew to hear stories of the first children placed into family care over 20 years ago in China.  See how their lives were transformed by the love of a family – and the impact this is now having on child welfare reform around the world. (

(Matt Redman, Musician and Ilaria Chan, Tech Executive & Investor)

Family Economic Strengthening: Microfinance and Orphan Care

Microfinance is a powerful tool that can improve the economic well-being of households and individuals in the Majority World. As such, microfinance has the potential to prevent children from becoming orphans, contribute to reuniting children with their birth parents, strengthen foster or adoptive families, and better the lives of former orphans. Although microfinance can be quite complicated, this workshop introduces simple, high-impact strategies and tools that virtually any ministry can use.

(Brian Fikkert, Chalmers Center)

How Your Church can Help Families Thrive After They Reunify

Over half of children in foster care eventually go home, but many of them end up re-entering care at some point. This type of “bouncing” wreaks havoc on kids and families. You’re probably asking, “What can be done about it? How can our church help prevent that from happening?” In this workshop, we’ll explore what factors increase the recidivism rate of children re-entering foster care and provide practical insights into how the Church can play a primary role in providing care and support for families after they have reunified.

(Christie Mac Segars & Chris Johnson, Lifeline Children’s Services)

Keeping Families Together: A More Than Enough Big Idea Workshop

If anyone should be GREAT at helping struggling families find restoration and reconciliation, it ought to be followers of Jesus. You believe this with all your heart – but could use a little help making it happen in your community. Come and learn from several leaders some of the best ideas going in the field of family preservation and reunification.

CEU’s Available: 1  (Facilitated by: Jason Weber, CAFO Joined by: Alejandra Castro, Back2Back; Chris Johnson, Lifeline Children’s Services; Amber Knowles, Fostering Family; Drake Bassett, Palmer Home for Children; and Ryan Mobley, Safe Families for Children)

Sustainable Social Enterprises: Hands-On How to Get Started (or Accelerate!)

This highly interactive session will allow in-depth collaboration between actual practitioners and attendees as you work on your own plan for a new and/or accelerated Sustainable Social Enterprise that is well-integrated with your current ministry. You will learn some keys to success, as well as lessons learned from mistakes, and then you will develop your ideas in a roundtable format where you will receive feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners — ultimately walking out with an action plan and clear next steps!

(Facilitated by: Vivienne Bechtold, CAFO Sustainable Social Enterprise Director Joined by: Joe Knittig, GOEX; Andy Lehman, Lifesong & Gobena Coffee; Justin & Emily Carabello, Carabello Coffee; Jeff Greer, Self Sustaining Enterprises (SSE) & ORCA Center; Pete West, Self Sustaining Enterprises; and Kevin Schwieger, Grace Chapel)

The Other Half of Reunification: How to Work with Vulnerable Families

The point of reintegrating children back to family is crucial, but the work doesn’t end there! Join us for a workshop about the long view of family care. Whether you have a children’s home and have never reintegrated children, or you’ve been reintegrating children for years, you have a place in this session as we dive into the most critical components of family care. We’ll discuss effective social service models, organizational structures, managing cases, closing cases, and connecting children and families with the community services that help them thrive. Bring your questions and experiences – and prepare to receive counsel from leaders on the frontlines of family care.

CEU’s Available: 1  (Facilitated by: Brandon Stiver, 1Million Home Joined by: Jared Scheppman , Ekisa Ministries; Laura Horvath, Helping Children Worldwide; Ashlee Heiligman, Global Child Advocates; Spencer Reeves, Child Hope International; Marisa Stam, Selamta Family Project; & Brent Phillips, Cherish Uganda)