Strengthening the Family

Cultivating a Co-Missional Marriage (Pre-Summit Intensive)

Come join the Guckenbergers, married more than 25 years, and parents to 11 children (adopted, foster and biological) as they share their cautionary tales and best practices for a marriage to thrive. This day will be full of resources, discussion, instruction, invitation and challenge. It is not for a PG audience, as they will talk openly about conflict, communication and intimacy. (Pre-registration required)

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 8:30am – 2:30pm

(Todd & Beth Guckenberger, Adoptive Parents & Back2Back Co-Founders)

Family Means that Everyone Matters

Many foster, adoptive, and kinship parents feel guilty about the impact of this calling on the other children in their home. It is easy to pour all positive and negative attention in one direction, while the rest of the family suffers – including the caregivers. Whether it’s time for their marriage, other children, hobbies, or friendships, parents must learn how to allocate their resources through all of the members of their families. It’s not looking for equality, but instead, movement towards a healthy balance so that everyone thrives.

(Kristin Orphan, Finally Home)

Imperfect Parenting: How to Love Our Kids Even When We Want a Time-Out

Welcome all imperfect parents! If it’s hard to put yourself in that group, this hour is for you. If reading the first line makes you think, “Finally! I’ve found my people!” this hour is for you. If you are not a parent, but know some parents, please come listen and empathize. If you might be a parent someday, come and prepare for what your future may hold.

(Tracy Taplin, Foothills Church)

Right Where You Belong

A “can’t miss” hour for adoptees & adoptive parents. Let’s discuss questions & tangible truths we (as adoptees and adoptive parents) can hang onto when faced with the paralyzing doubt or pesky insecurity associated with adoption. Prepare for a heartfelt, honest, and encouraging discussion!

(Trisha Priebe, Lifesong for Orphans)

Thriving in Adoption and Foster Care

Adoption and foster care are hard spaces. They come with both beauty and brutality. How do we thrive as Believers, and as local churches, stepping into these spaces? In this workshop, we will discuss what it looks like to practice spiritual disciplines, soul care, and regular rhythms of community, work, and rest that will enable us to thrive as we follow Jesus into the spaces of adoption and foster care.

CEUs Available: 1  (Renaut van der Riet, Mosaic Church)