Strengthening the Family

Caring for Your Own Family While Involved in a Ministry Dedicated to Children

What we offer to the vulnerable children of the world starts with what we offer to the children in our own home. In this session, we’ll give parents permission to connect strongly with their children, to create a secure home environment, and to respond to each child’s particular needs. We’ll talk about what children who grow up in ministry families need in order to be successful. You’ll be encouraged to love your own children well.

(Jill Aspegren, Casa Viva)

How Stress Can Actually Make Your Marriage Stronger

The strains that any parenting puts on marriage can be multiplied tenfold by the complexity that often comes in caring for children who have known deep hurt. Join Dennis and Barbara Rainey as they discuss the struggles, rewards, and real life messiness of keeping a marriage strong amidst difficult adoption and foster care journeys.

(Dennis & Barbara Rainey, FamilyLife)

Raising Black Children in a Multi-Racial Family

How can you equip your family to battle against the stereotypes and negative impact of society? How can you prepare them for challenges they’ll face beyond your home? How can you help them form a secure racial identity alongside a Godly identity that is larger than race alone? Join this interactive conversation with mothers and fathers and leave empowered with specific guidance and wisdom for your family’s needs.

(Faciliated by: Clarkston Morgan, Our Daily Bread Ministries & Ambassador Consultants. Joined by: LaKendra Morgan; Julian Goodson, Bethany Christian Services & Thoughts of a Foster Dad, LLC; Stacey Goodson, Child Welfare Professional & Foster/Adoptive Mom.)

The Church’s Role in Putting Protective Factors in Place for Reunifying Families

Children in foster care are going home, but many are re-entering care too. This type of “bouncing” wreaks havoc on kids and their families. When looking at the reasons for recidivism in foster care, it is clear that the Church can play a primary role in providing protective factors for at-risk families. This workshop will share a church model of engagement with biological parents in the foster care system, while examining risk factors for children’s re-entry to care.

(Traci Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services)

The Keystone of Fathering

The role of the father is critical in the lives of his children. This interactive workshop examines relationship – the keystone of fathering. Come learn how to apply the prerequisites for father-child relationships – which is making sense of one’s own father history, healing father wounds, and examining beliefs about fathering.

(David Schooler, Back2Back Ministries)