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Hosting a Respite Night (Coaching Table)

Join this discussion on the challenges we may face and support we should have in place to host a safe and effective Respite Night at your church or ministry. Coach: Hannah Mabie, LSW, Colonial Presbyterian Church (Pre-sign up required to reserve a spot at this coaching table.  Coaching table sign-ups available soon!)

Impact + Interns: How to Start and Manage an Internship Program (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Join in a conversation about how to maximize the impact of your organization while simultaneously investing in the next generation of leaders. We’ll talk together about four main areas concerning internships: Why start an internship program, recruiting and interviewing candidates, onboard training and expectations, and managing and investing. We’ll offer you tangible next steps for […]

Risk to Resiliency: Working With Families in Crisis

Need something for your team to use in working with families who are in crisis? This session will overview a 10 lesson (three hours per lesson) program, covering psychological trauma, child abuse and neglect, crisis management, engaging a family in crisis, helping a family make a plan for safety, and much more. You will be […]

Emerging Foster Care Models in Majority World

In any context, we need multiple care solutions so that each child can be placed in accordance with his or her needs and best interest. Foster care is an important part of the continuum of care, but often lacking in certain areas of the world. Nonetheless, pioneering organizations have worked together with others in their […]