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Compassion Fatigue: How to Incorporate Fun into Your Workplace Culture

Child Welfare workers are at risk for compassion fatigue. This training will explore how we can incorporate fun into our office culture, amid the stress of the work. In this workshop, we will share our own journey through compassion fatigue and how play and fun have retained our staff and lifted spirits. Come and be […]

Building Teams With Thriving Souls

Nothing will more determine the fruitfulness of an organization than the health of the people within it. Certainly, mapping an incisive strategic plan is important. But that external plan will rise or fall based on the vitality of the people executing it. So, a true leader must be as intentional about cultivating the health of […]

Parenting Skills Training for Family Strengthening (Coaching Table)

During this coaching table, program leaders and child welfare professionals will discuss how to train parenting skills in order to support family strengthening. (Pre-sign up required to reserve a spot at this coaching table.  Coaching table sign-ups available soon!)

Deinstitionalization: Mitigating Pitfalls & Maximizing Potential (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Deinstitutionalization is a hot topic around the world as countries move to connect the orphaned and vulnerable in family environments, rather than large group care. More than a workshop, this is an honest discussion and a call for unity as ministries work together to provide appropriate care for all orphaned and vulnerable children as deinstitutionalization […]