Core Elements of Success in OVC Care

Benchmark Practices for Improving Outcomes of Children Together

The new CAFO “Core Elements” self-assessment tool is designed for leaders of organizations serving vulnerable children worldwide. It enables a swift, customized review of current program strengths and opportunities for growth.

The “Core Elements” distill much of today’s best global OVC guidance, refined with input from CAFO member organizations, field experts, and other practitioners.


1. Offers leaders a clearer picture of their OVC program strengths and opportunities for growth;
2. Turns current OVC research and guidance into usable self-knowledge;
3. Provides resource suggestions for organizations desiring to improve their quality of care;
4. Helps leaders direct their limited time, funds, and other resources to high value priorities;




The Core Elements self-assessment and toolkit are available to all CAFO members. Interested in becoming a member?

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