National Church Ministry Initiative

We believe the care of orphaned and vulnerable children is a discipleship issue. It rises first as a response to the gospel and grows as God’s people grow in His love.

Government can play a vital role in child protection, but government can never provide the love, nurture and sense of belonging children need to thrive. That happens only one home and family at a time. Consequently, the Church cannot outsource James 1:27. Churches possess the unique capacity, community and clear command to do this in an effective, sustainable way. Local churches must play the central role, both in embracing children and in embracing the families that embrace children.

Churches nationwide are indeed rising to this call. Both pastoral and lay leaders are forming orphan care, foster care and/or adoption ministries. Some of these ministries are just starting; some are thriving; others feel “stuck” and in need of a jump-start. These local, organic movements grow best within a collaborative network of like-minded leaders. Here, if properly facilitated, they can both support and be supported by each other. They can also build their local work with the best available knowledge and resources from leading churches around the country.

CAFO is uniquely positioned to deliver this robust investment in churches nationwide. Drawing from its current network of mature church ministries and 180+ member organizations, CAFO has access to the best available resources, models and experts across the U.S. These organizations have joined as members of CAFO – leaving their “logos and egos at the door” – to work together to equip Christians for effective ministry.

Through the National Church Ministry Initiative, CAFO will help churches build effective, sustainable ministries across the country – serving local leaders with essential knowledge, best-practice models, practical resources, strategic coaching and networking opportunities.

Church Membership Opportunities

CAFO exists to serve the local church, helping churches build effective and sustainable orphan, foster care and adoption ministries. Membership is free to churches.   As a part of CAFO, we invite you to invest further in the orphan care movement by helping build other church-based ministries nationwide!


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Multiply the Movement

We invite you to invest further into the orphan care movement by helping to multiply the expansion of other church-based ministries around the country. 100% of your investment goes to support the work of the National Church Ministry Initiative.

In the last ¼ of 2015, your generous gifts will go towards establishing the National Church Alliance Network infrastructure in preparation for the full public launch in January 2016 and help us reach our goals of recruiting 25 new churches into the network, coaching 100 network churches and launching the first ever Pre-Summit Intensive at the 2016 National CAFO Summit in Orlando. As well, your investment will help create the
resources necessary, both online and in print, to effectively communicate to churches the opportunity they have to be a part of the National Church Alliance Network and utilize the resources of the NCMI.