The Orphan's Matchbox

Four Seconds

I went to a small Kansas high school.  It was small enough that guys like me got to play football.  When I say “guys like me,” I mean to say that my freshman year, I weighed in at a devastating 110 pounds. Yes, really. As you might imagine, my high school football accomplishments were not […]

Taylor University Becoming an Engine for Next-Generation Orphan Care

There are few things more invigorating than seeing young people reflect God’s heart in their passions and priorities. So I’m thrilled about the upcoming conference at Taylor University that will focus on ways Christians can serve vulnerable children and communities with well-informed love. I’ll have the privilege of addressing the Taylor University student body on the Friday […]

CAFO Team Favorite Books

This blog focuses mostly on issues and ideas, not personalities. But the truth is, all of us love to get to know the people behind ideas – what makes them tick, what they love, what helped make them who they are. Not long ago, the CAFO team gathered for our annual strategic planning retreat. It […]

Hearing Psalms

Love begins with listening. Before speaking. Before other actions. Love leans in and seeks to know, understand, feel with. So learning to love orphaned children well means learning first to listen well to orphaned children. Former orphans.  Current orphans. Of course, when it comes to orphan care, there are many important voices to hear…perspectives…research finding…best […]

Breathtaking Video from CAFO2015 — and Upcoming FLT Broadcast

The most visually stunning moment of CAFO2015 came at the end of the first day’s live interview with Jen Bricker.  The striking young woman in a wheelchair had just finished sharing the truth-is-stranger story of her life.  She’d been left at the hospital as an infant without legs. But her adoptive parents taught her to […]