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The Texas Homecoming Mum and Finding the Freedom to Love Your Kids Well

I live in Texas. I am not, however, from Texas. Over the past 6 years, there are few interesting things we’ve noticed that are different from other places: At school, my kids say the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag AND then they say a different Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag. Standard […]

A Dog Named Zit and God’s Will Concerning Adoption and Foster Care

I once had a dog named Zit. I got her (yes, her) for my 14th birthday. At that age, it seemed to me like a completely reasonable and appropriate name for a dog. Now that I’m the father of several kids including a couple of teenagers, I can see the extraordinary amount of restraint it […]

Windows Into Haiti

This week’s news overflows with images of damage wrought by Hurricane Matthew – both across the Caribbean and in the southeastern U.S.   No doubt, the cameras will soon move on to other crises. But the work of short-term relief and long-term recovery is just starting. Many CAFO member organizations have been serving in Haiti for […]

Congressional Briefing on Family Support and Reunification

CAFO’s focus isn’t on government, but we believe that well-considered, well-implemented policies can make a profound difference for vulnerable youth. So we’re always glad to work with government leaders – local, state and Federal – to help think through which policies and priorities will most enable children and families to thrive. This week, the Director […]

BBQ, Orphan Care and How Everyone in Your Church Can Do Something

I recently met an older gentleman in Oklahoma. I had just finished speaking at an event for a church and he was catering the food for the night. Part of my message included an appeal to the church to empower every individual member to “find their something” – to understand that we’re not all called to […]