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Rock Stars and Foster Care Advocates

When I was in junior high at the height of the 80s glam rock era, a friend of mine and I decided that we wanted to start a rock band.  We came up with a name.  I worked on a logo.  We went to an army surplus store to begin scouting out cool clothes (and, […]

Lumos Report on Orphanages in Haiti

Lumos – an organization founded by author JK Rowling to advocate against institutional care and for family-based care for children – released an important report today on orphanages in Haiti. The report, titled “Funding Haiti’s Orphanages at the Cost of Children’s Rights,” documents a number of highly significant findings. These include: Immense private giving. International […]

Helping Kids With Their Brokenness Starts With Our Own

There is a six-year-old boy down the street who often knocks on our door to play with our kids. A few days ago, we had a stomach bug that had been running through the family and one of our kids wasn’t feeling well. When this little guy came to the door, he asked if he […]

Re-Imagining the Child Welfare System as We Know it Is No Joke

So a nuclear engineer, a judge, and a professor walk into a comedy club in downtown Minneapolis.   They sit down at tables filled with construction paper, Legos, Play-do and cardboard. Sounds like a joke, right? This past week I had the opportunity to join 99 other passionate people from around the country from a variety […]

My Favorite Graduation Speech Ever

I’ve heard many graduation speeches and remember few.  But this is one I won’t soon forget.  Truth be told, after a friend shared it with me recently, I quickly decided it was — in its own humble way — the best I’ve ever heard…not to mention the shortest. It’s just raw video of a young […]

ONE Can Be a Really Big Number When it Comes to Foster Care

The number 1 gets lots of press when it comes to ranking things in order. First place, first chair, first round draft pick. After all, who doesn’t want to be first? But as a quantity, the number 1 is unimpressive. It’s barely more than zero and merely half as much as it’s neighbor, number 2. […]