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An Ancient Recipe for Addressing Brokenness Where You Live

My wife and I have lived in and renovated (yes, at the same time) a couple of different 100-year-old-plus homes during our marriage.  Most people who take on these kind of projects are different from us in one important way: They know what they are doing.  I still remember the feeling of standing in the […]

Giving the Gift of Rootedness

Anyone who has ever planted a sapling knows that it is often necessary to place a stake in the ground and strap it to the trunk for the tree’s first growing season.  This kind of support is especially important in a few specific circumstances: The roots of the tree are underdeveloped The soil conditions are […]

More than enough help for biological families (Part 3 of 4)

This is the third of a four part series on what it means when we say we are aiming for more than enough before, during and beyond foster care in every county in the country.  Here’s a quick review the four facets of more than enough…   More than enough foster and kinship families for every child to have […]

Trying to Make Sense of an Ache Beyond Words

I heard news last week of the kind that leaves you with your face in your hands, aching and praying for a heart-broken family. Shannon Dingle taught at Summit in recent years on adopting and caring for children with special needs.  I didn’t know her well, but admired her vivacity and loving grit from a […]