Wise Short-Term Missions

More than two million Christians travel on international short-term mission trips every year.  Such service travel can cause great harm if not wisely led, and these risks can be especially high when visitors seek to serve vulnerable children.  At the same time, the potential for good offered by short term missions calls for continued refining, correction and improvement. When carried out with due caution and wisdom, short-term missions can benefit children for the long term – especially by building up the families and communities capable of caring for them over time.  

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Wise Short-Term Missions: Understanding the 7 Standards of Excellence (SOE) in Missions

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Wise Short-Term Missions Overview

Listen in to the beginning of an ongoing journey in which all of us, together, work to steadily elevate the quality, the safety and the positive impact of Short-term Missions, especially those that intend to benefit orphaned and vulnerable children. (30-min introductory webinar)

Wise Short-Term Missions: Models and Case Studies for Benefitting Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Join Shelly Owens, CEO of Go Be Love International, and Kate Borders, Senior Mobilization Director of World Orphans, as they discuss examples of good practice, transitioning trip models from where your organization is to where you want to be, and some unexpected benefits and challenges of prioritizing excellence in short-term missions.

Wise Short-Term Missions: 7 Standards of Excellence

This webinar will be presented by Brian Heerwagen, CEO of SOE. The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE) is a membership, accrediting, and resourcing body for churches, agencies and organizations engaged in short-term missions. SOE desires to make mission trips better by helping mission sending and receiving entities apply The Seven Standards to their specific ministry context through coaching and consulting, on-site training and mobilization, and conferences and workshops.

Short-Term Missions

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The 7 Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions

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