Welcome to the Orphans’ Matchbox!

Welcome to Orphans’ Matchbox, the blog of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  We offer it as not much more than a few loaves and a couple dried fish.  But God has a way of multiplying such things.

The truth is, from San Francisco to Chattanooga to Boston and countless little towns and cities in the middle, we’re seeing something happening…something that makes for a bit of a tingle at the roots of your hair.

People in home churches and mega-churches and everything in-between are asking what it means to truly “defend the cause of the fatherless.”  They want to know how they can really “visit orphans in their distress.”  They desire to join the faithful veterans who’ve long served in the fields of the fatherless, to attend to Christ in the body of an orphan, to make the Gospel visible to a watching world.

This blog seeks to help build the community that is already forming amidst this movement.  Alongside some reflections of our own, it will carry voices from some of the great thinkers and doers at its center.   We desire to stir thought and discussion, prayer and even some healthy differences.  We desire to spur exchange of good ideas, great questions and new friendships.

Most of all, we desire to ignite hearts to burn with the fire of God’s heart for the orphan.  But, of course, He beat us here.  It’s clear He’s been piling tinder for a bonfire long before the thought crossed our mind.  We just get to be a match.

By Jedd Medefind