Human Trafficking in the Spotlight as Tom Davis Travels

I’ve noticed recently that orphan advocates are becoming increasingly aware of the interlink between orphans and human trafficking.  The simple reality is that a child that does not have the protection and provision provided by parents will be highly vulnerable to the deception, coercion and outright capture that can lead to modern forms of slavery.   This connection is the focus of the soon-to-be-released novel by Tom Davis, Priceless, which will give readers a poignant encounter with the grim realities of human trafficking.  Tom is actually on his way to Eastern Europe now, and he’ll be blogging live from locations in Moldova and Russia, including pictures and videos.  I’ll be following the adventures on his blog, and looking forward to hearing Tom at Summit as well.

One of the breakouts at Summit VI will also explore this issue, taught by Laura Lederer, who formerly helped lead efforts at the U.S. State Department to combat human trafficking and now helps lead Alliance member Global Centurions.   In addition, an interactive, hands-on experience created by iEmpathize will help Summit attendees understand the issue as well.   For individuals committed to “defending the cause of the fatherless,” issues surrounding human trafficking can’t be overlooked.