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Encouraging News on the Adoption Front from Bethany

New adoption statistics from Alliance member Bethany Christian Service brought cheers from orphan advocates this week.  As reported by Bethany and covered in the Christian Post, January to June 2010 was Bethany’s “highest-ever increase in adoption placements for a half-year period.” Bethany Christian Services reported that the combined international and domestic adoption placement increased 26 […]

Adoption Echoes

It can be breathtaking to see all God is stirring for “the cause of the fatherless” on a broad scale, nationwide and beyond.  But most compelling of all are simply the individual stories of lives touched deeply through choices to open heart and home to orphans.  The truth is, adoption and other ways of loving […]

China’s Changing Orphan Situation

Two write-ups on orphans in China came across my radar today.  Both carry special significance for people with a heart for China’s orphans. They also underscore a broader reality orphan advocates sometimes miss:  that the situation facing orphans in any given country can change markedly over time.  Drivers of change can range from more obvious […]

Haiti—6 Months In

Today marks the six month anniversary of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake.   Aside from the small uptick of coverage surrounding the 6-month milestone, the eyes of the world havelargely  turned elsewhere:  to oil leaks, soccer matches and November elections.   Of course, this was all but inevitable.  The 24-hour news cycle is fueled by “new,” and a tale […]

A Time for Men—Part II

The last post highlighted the need for men, specifically, to catch up with our stalwart sisters in taking up the cause of the fatherless.  My own father—who embodies for me the blend of gentleness and strength that marks  a man fully committed to Christ—shared with me a song last week that resounds with this theme […]

A Time for Men

A Time for Men It sometimes seems Christian men are ten steps behind the women in responding to God’s call to care for orphans, whether via adoption, foster care or global orphan care.  There’d be a lot to say about reasons why.   But whatever the cause, one thing is clear:  men need to know that […]