Summit VII Recap: Torchbearers

Being with people whose hearts are lit up for Christ and the fatherless is amazing.  They glow with warmth and light.  So being with 1,500+ such people from 46 states and 7 countries in 1 place for 2+ intense days…well, it’s breathtaking.

That was Summit VII.

What’s most thrilling is to know that each individual is now spreading the fire:  fresh vision and models, new allies and Gospel-fed energy.  They are torch bearers, lighting things up in towns and cities across America and beyond.

One attendee wrote afterward, “Summit VII was the best, most practical conference I have ever attended.  It filled in some major gaps that we had…and inspired & confirmed so much in me personally.  Please pray for us!  I am meeting with 2 very influential churches this month to assist them in an orphan strategy.”   Multiply that kind torch-bearing by the hundreds, and you have a conflagration.

Best of all, this isn’t created by one organization or group.  It represents all of the Alliance organizations and churches, laboring together in Christ’s name.  More than 200 individuals—from keynote speakers, to presenters, to organizers, to on-site volunteers—poured into Summit VII.

For each of us, Summit reflected the vibrant love of God for the orphan…and His desire to keep growing the impact of that love in the Church for decades to come.