Tragedy in the Horn of Africa

If you’ve caught even a glimpse of the news recently, you’ve seen the tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa.  Observers are already describing the famine as the most serious humanitarian crisis in a generation.  As with any such catastrophe, the hardest hit are children.  Without aggressive intervention, a vast number will die and many others will be orphaned as parents give their lives to preserve their children.

A number of excellent Alliance member organizations are active in the region—serving orphans and other children, as well as working to prevent other children from becoming orphans.  If you’re interested in supporting their work, see info below.  (We’ll update this blog as we learn of additional efforts as well.)

  • A Child’s Hope is ramping up production of high nutrient food packets, with a goal of producing and (in partnership with another Christian organization) delivering over 4 million high protein meals.  In addition to helping fund the food packets, individuals and groups in the Cincinnati region can volunteer at food packing events on August 13 and 27 and September 10 and 24.  Watch a Video Trailer.  Register to Volunteer at the “Factory” or donate now here (specify AFRICA EMERGENCY).
  • Warm Blankets will have several containers arriving in the stricken areas in the next week or so. Donations can be given to aid with the cost of food distribution here.
  • Life in Abundance is providing emergency food relief and medical care to female, children and elderly refugees throughout East Africa.  All relief is provided in the context of long-term community development programs that are focused on improving food security and primary health care.  To give and learn more, see here.