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A Journey to the Fatherless

When Larry Bergeron asked if I’d write the introduction to his book, Journey to the Fatherless I knew immediately I’d say “yes.”  I hadn’t yet read the book, but I […]

The Budding Korean Orphan Care Movement

My greatest prayer for the Christian orphan care movement is that, ultimately, the local church in every nation will be known as the primary answer to the orphans in that […]

Heart for Orphans: A Simple Man

In 2012, the Christian Alliance for Orphans is hosting a series of guest blog posts from respected bloggers from across the U.S. Each offers a fresh outlook on an important […]

The Birth of Phoebe Hope

Last night, Rachel and I welcomed our fifth child into God’s world.  Phoebe Hope Medefind arrived with a full head of dark hair, robust lungs and sparkling eyes.  Early this […]

Hungry Students

The day after we announced the Destiny Rescuing Destiny Student Conference, I got an email that made my day from a father in Washington state.  If anything can confirm the […]