Saving the Adoption Tax Credit

Many families that are willing to welcome a child into their home via adoption face a major barrier:  costs.  Even for families considering adoption from foster care, which typically costs very little, the expenses of caring for a new child can be a big hurdle.  So to help defray the expenses of adoption and get children into permanent families, the Federal government established the Adoption Tax Credit, which currently provides up $12,650.

However, the Adoption Tax Credit is set to expire this year.  If it is not extended, although the credit would not go away completely, its size and applicability would shrink dramatically.

The work of the Christian Alliance for Orphans does not center on government or lobbying.   But knowing that government policies like these can dramatically affect the ability of individuals to care for orphans, we want to make sure that all people who care about adoption and orphan care are aware of this significant issue and how they can encourage Congress to preserve the Adoption Tax Credit.

A diverse coalition of organizations working together to advance the “Save the Adoption Tax Credit” campaign.  Learn more about the Tax Credit and how to support it HERE.  You can also show your support by liking Save the Adoption Tax Credit on Facebook and sharing the site with your friends.