Spotlight on Ukraine

by David Hennessey, CAFO Director of Global Movements

CAFO’s Global Movements Initiative strives to see the local indigenous church rise as the primary answer to the global orphan crisis.  In countries around the world, God is gathering churches, indigenous NGO’s, and local believers to work together towards adoption, fostering, and caring for orphans.

A shining example of this is Ukraine Without Orphans, an interdenominational alliance of churches and ministries that is systemically changing the culture within Ukraine.  Ukrainian Christians are adopting orphans and welcoming these families into their churches, mentoring the orphans remaining in the orphanages, and diligently working towards effective transitional programs for children aging out of the system and preparing to live independently.

In this video, watch Ruslan Maliuta explain how Ukrainian churches are coming together, united in the common goal of Ukraine Without Orphans!

A wonderful illustration of the culture change within Ukraine is the Isaev family.  Recently awarded the “Pride of Ukraine” award, this family has adopted 7 HIV+ children from Ukrainian orphanages.  Now these children, previously deemed unadoptable, have loving parents and a family to call their own!