A Vision for Orphan Care & Adoption in the Church in Mexico

I’m headed south of the border today to be a small part of something big.  Hundreds of Mexican pastors and leaders will be gathering for a 2-day conference in Monterrey, Mexico to explore together God’s heart for the fatherless.  The central question:  what would it mean for the church in Mexico to fully embrace a Gospel-rooted love for orphans in practical action?

The conference is named, “Cumbre por los Niños Marginados.”  It’s vision sprang from the tremendous team at CAFO member Back2Back Ministries.  They’ve been serving children faithfully in Mexico for a very long time, and increasingly desire to help visionary Mexican believers to grow a culture of orphan care and adoption in churches across the nation.

When Back2Back co-founder Todd Guckenberger presented the idea of co-hosting a Mexico pastor’s conference to CAFO nearly a year ago, we were thrilled.  The conference will explore themes ranging from the importance of family-based care for children, to working alongside government in serving orphans, to pastoral leadership in growing a culture of orphan care and adoption.

Of course, this is what the CAFO Global Movements Initiative is all about.  Our ultimate desire is that the local church in every nation will be known as the primary answer for the orphans of that place—from Montana to Monterrey, Mexico to Mombassa.

Please join in praying that Cumbre por los Niños Marginados will be the kind of event we someday look back upon as a “game-changer” in Mexico.  May it inspire a broad cadre of visionary Mexican believers who will ultimately help the church across Mexico and beyond rise as the answer for the orphans in their midst.