Hospital Adoption Support Program

Christians motivated toward foster care and adoption in the U.S. typically focus on children older than infants.   That’s because over the past several decades a variety of factors, both good and bad, have dramatically reduced the number of babies needing adoption in the U.S.  Even so, each year some 14,000-18,000 women facing unexpected pregnancies choose to give life to their newborns through adoption.

The CCAI blog today carries a guest post from our friend, Rebecca Vahle, who pioneered the Family to Family Adoption Support program at Parker Adventist Hospital to help support these brave women.

This innovative program fills a tremendously significant and often overlooked need.  As expressed by Rebecca, Family to Family seeks to “ensure that mothers who desire to make an adoption plan have access to trained nurses and doctors during this emotional and complex time.”

At times, the third member of the “adoption triad”–the birthmother–becomes the forgotten participant.  For the Christian that’s unacceptable.  Before, during and after giving birth, a mother should know beyond doubt that she has the love and support of the Christian community–whether she chooses to parent or to follow through with an adoption plan.

From all I’ve heard, Family to Family helps make that experience a reality.  Learn more about Family to Family on the CCAI post, “Supporting Adoption Placements in Hospitals.”