New Barna Research Highlights Christian Adoption & Foster Care Among 3 Most Notable Vocational Trends

New findings from Barna Research highlights the growing commitment of Christians to adoption and foster care as among 2014’s three most notable vocational trends.  An article released by Barna yesterday spotlighted one facet of the extensive Barna research included in the new mini-book Becoming Home.   The article describes:

Adoption isn’t typically grouped in to discussions on vocation, and yet, many parents who adopt do so precisely because they feel called to such choices. New Barna research reveals a striking 77% of practicing Christians believe that Christians have a personal responsibility to adopt.

In fact, Barna Group’s research shows that Christians have engaged in adoption, foster care and other ways of aiding vulnerable children more than the norm. Practicing Christians (5%) are more than twice as likely to adopt than the general population (2%). Catholics are three times as likely. And evangelicals are five times as likely to adopt as the average adult.

What’s more, where churches don’t always offer support when it comes to integrating faith and work, adoption is one notable area where many churches are doing so. Of practicing Christians, 30% agree with the statement: “My church makes a special effort to encourage adoption or foster care.” This support is spiritual and social, such as through the offering of support groups—43% of practicing Christians say their church helps with adoption in this way. And church support of adoption is also highly practical, including financial help (18%), travel costs (25%) and household tasks (41%). Though these percentages reflect a Christian community mobilizing around adoption, fostering and orphan care—still, there is much growth to be achieved.

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